English Languages Course

Lower Intermediate English Classes • Koh Samui Language & Vocational School

Our English courses cover the 6 levels corresponding with the European level of languages and so are broken up according to skill level. Those levels are

When you enroll in your courses you will be invited to take part in our placement test. This comprehensive test will take roughly 1 hour long and provide us with enough information about your current ability and skill, therefore placing you in your best suited level.

Each class is split between conversational work and textbook work with 4 hours per week spent on each. The text books we work from are Pearson Longman published ‘Cutting Edge’ language book series.  The ‘Cutting Edge’ series works as a wide-ranging, European quality syllabus with a wide range of well-made teaching resources.

We do not give out these books but rather work from them however we strongly recommend you purchase this book from us or from the publisher directly as they are extremely useful to use when out of the classroom.

Our courses genially work on 1 level for 6 months, so a 200 hours would cover one full language level. We recommend you take part in one full course but taking smaller, 3 month 100 hour course is possible. However due to new rules the 100 hours would not prove adequate for 8 hours per week learning if you plan on staying here for 6 months or more.

We are fully committed to give you what you paid for. If you enroll with us when we are half way through a course then you are most welcome to join the current course and then overlap onto the next one for your paid for hours. For example if you paid for 100 hours and join 50 hours through the previous course, you will still be entitled to your remaining 50 hours in the next course.

Class Times:

Monday to Friday – 10am to 12pm and/or 1pm to 3pm

Price list:

100 hours (3 Months) – 19,500 TBH

200 hours (6months) – 29,000 TBH

400 hours (1 year) – 40,099 TBH

 ‘Cutting edge’ textbook – 1000 TBH

English for Everyone

Here at KSTVS we unfortunately do not provide an ‘English for everyone’ class at this point in time.

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