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I’m happy studying English in this school. When I first came to the school I couldn’t speak or understand what people were saying around me. It was confusing to talk and can’t struggled to make any sentences. After 3 years studying here people can understanding me and I can understand about 70% fast speech. I found friends and interesting people which makes me happy to come to class and see them every time. It’s amazing, every teacher gave me more and more knowledge, all the teachers are very friendly and I love the teaching process.

I really like our school, my English has been improving for the last 2 and a half years. Our teachers come from every part of the world, we’ve already had teachers from the US, Ireland, Canada, England and Australia. It is really good to learn from different native speakers about different aspects of English. I like that we have conversation classes now, because speaking is the most difficult but the most interesting thing in English

I had a lot of schools to choose from, but decided to go to KSTVS because they had a great website with a Russian text section, they got back to me very quickly on the phone about my visa. They are based in a very good location on Koh Samui, just on the ring road. The classes are fun and full of speaking which I think is key to getting good results. Only thing I would like to see improve is more outside school ‘parties’ and want more speaking in classes, I want to speak all the time when I’m in the school.

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I chose the school because it has Russian language speakers, and the fact that other schools haven’t got Russian translations to help you through the application process. I’ve been in the island for 1 and a half years, and at first I wasn’t interested in good education, just about finding a visa. However since I began to come to the school I’ve really enjoyed the lessons and have noticed my English improving. I’m happy I chose KSTVS because it is cheap and has quality education, two things which I wouldn’t normally think together.

I came on a holiday to Samui and liked it so much I chose to move and study English here. I checked the internet and looked for a school in Samui. On net we (me and my wide) came to your page, my wife helped me because my English was bad, but now I’m here. The studying was hard at first but now it’s much easier. Also I like having the education visa, it makes living here a lot easier

We (me and my wife) moved to Maenam when we came to the island for the 4th time. And finding a good language school which helps with visas was important to us. We researched into different schools and heard mixed information about almost all of them. So we decided to try KSTVS, it helped that it was so close to our house. It’s a very good school, it was hard to hear the teachers when I first came, but my English has gotten a lot better and now I can easily listen. We want our children to learn English in school so we thought we would also learn English, to help encourage them.

I’ve been taking Thai for a while now, and I’ve noticed my skill level dramatically improve since I began studying here. I can now have small conversations when out and about, which makes living here that much nicer. It’s in an easy to find location and the staff and teachers are all very friendly.

Learning English is very hard work, it’s very hard. I think about English and feel like I’m in very big trouble. It’s only my first month in the school but I think I can speak English fluency in one year or less. I like the lessons even if it is hard.