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oh Samui Language & Vocational School, founded back in 2003, pioneered the language school industry in Koh Samui, leading the way to become the first fully licensed language school of its calibre on the island. Since then we have won the ‘Quality School Award’ from the Ministry of Education three times, making us the first school in South Thailand to do so.

Our professional and high standards quickly made us the language school of choice for both children and adults, offering up to date, affordable courses in Thai & English using a combination of conversational and textbook teaching.

Due to our excellent relationship with the Ministry of Education we can help you attain an Education Visa, also known as a ‘non-immigrant ED visa’, which can allow you to live in this beautiful country for up to 5 years!


06:31 23 Jun 22
The school and staff were incredibly helpful at supporting me with getting all the documents I needed to apply for my Education Visa so I can learn the Thai language. They explained the process and made sure I was submitting everything in the required timeframe. I went to Thai embassy in Cambodia with my approved papers, got my visa and now I am back and have completed my first week of lessons - the teacher is really lovely and does a great job at getting everyone to participate so we retain all the new words we’re learning!
Ekaterina McCallum
Ekaterina McCallum
07:15 08 Jun 22
I was looking for a language school for my parents that provides educational visa support. Koh Samui Language & Vocational School was exceptional! They are very professional and the process was like a breeze. Special thanks to Mike -the school manager, for being very helpful and patient, explaining all the processes in great detail and for the ongoing support. Overall very positive experience and I 100% recommend them!
Autismosis Jones
Autismosis Jones
02:46 02 Jun 22
Mike and Eric are some of BEST TEACHERS I ever meet in my life. So kind and friendly and professional. They are dedicated to their job. They want you to learn. They don't give up on you.They challenge you, but they don't make it too hard for you to learn.The building is clean and organized. Welcoming for new students, because they offer so many services for people who are new to Samui/Thailand.Whether you are Thai citizen or expat, this place is a very good place to start your journey.
08:51 31 May 22
I searched a lot to find a school that provides me clear information about ED visa process and finally chose this school. Now I’m very happy with my choice. Everything went well and I received my ED visa as planned. Special thanks to Mike school manager for being so patient and helpful with all my questions before and during ED visa process. I would definitely recommend this school. They do their job professionally.
Kate Festive
Kate Festive
13:07 15 Apr 22
Been in Thailand on and off for two years and always wanted to learn the language. Luckily we’ve found this school and I’ve had a good start and even more motivation to learn. It’s funny at times and good atmosphere in general during class time, even if online. That was a great experience, and I’m thinking to continue learning in the second year. Thanks for the help with the visa and paperwork. It was easy to sign in.
13:03 15 Apr 22
I’ve had a great experience with this school! The lessons and the visa process, everything went well. They are very organized and know what they do. Mike has given me all the necessary information in the beginning. They do all the paperwork for you. Everyone was friendly and communicable even though we had online classes, which was convenient, by the way.
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Delve a little further...

Our difference

is what makes us better

Tick Tock goes the Clock

Longest running school

Due to our institute having been open longer than our competitors, we have had more time to perfect our school. Our language school was the first of its type on Samui, giving us more time and experience to perfect our teaching methods.

Organised Management

Thai and English owned

Having both Thai and English owners, we get the best out of both mentalities in their approaches to school management. Which can be felt in our style, values and interaction with our students.

We are easy to deal with

Unlike our competitors, having both Thai and English management & staff makes dealing with us that much easier. Have your pick of a native Thai or English speaker to help you through the enrollment process.

Language Resouces

Relevant course lessons

At our school we keep our resources up to date by buying the latest Longmans, Oxford and Cambridge textbooks, while following the official European recommend language course framework.

Our Values

are what make us different

Keeping up to date

We feel that to give our students the best possible chance we must give them the most useful and relevant resources possible. Which is why we buy and constantly update the latest in language course material.

A school for everyone

Unlike our competitors, At KSTVS we believe high quality education shouldn’t come with a price tag to match. Our professional courses are priced to give everyone an opportunity to attend, trying to give the student the best possible course without burning a hole in their pocket.

A real relationship

Here at KSTVS we value the bond between our students and teachers, as we believe a strong relationship helps produce a productive environment. Don’t believe us, check out our blog.

Open and Honest

We rely on honesty and openness because we believe they are integral to the successful running of any business. What we say we mean and we always stick to our word.

Corporate responsibility

We cannot stress enough how much this means to us. We firmly believe that everyone has responsibility for their surrounding area, which is why we love getting involved in our local community.


While we are not particularly a high polluting institute, we still strive to maintain sustainable development while making our operations as green as possible.

Our Team

Meet our Team Leaders

Kamonchnok Saohin

Kamonchnok Saohin

School owner and Director

Kamonchnok (Pat) is the owner of Koh Samui Tutor and Vocational School. She has been a Thai teacher on Koh Samui since 2002, having worked in the island’s first three international schools before opening her own school in 2005.

Dave Belcher

Dave Belcher

School Director

Dave Belcher is one of the directors of Koh Samui Tutor and Vocational School. He moved to Thailand in 2001, and has been responsible for opening and expanding the island’s first three international schools.

Sarah Fawcett

Sarah Fawcett


Sarah Fawcett is the Principal of Koh Samui Language and Vocational School. She graduated with a degree in English Language & Linguistics from the University of York, UK, and has since gained almost 10 years of international teaching experience.

Mike Shanai

Mike Shanai


Canadian born, Mike Shanai brings to the school not only his Master Degree in Linguistics from UPM University and his 2009 TESOL from Canadian College of Educators, but also his passion for teaching and sharing knowledge.

Our Awards

Three times ‘Quality School Award’ winner by Ministry of Education

If we didn’t need anything else to show how much we care about providing great education we have been awarded the ‘Quality School Award’ of our province in the ‘language school’ category 3 times by the Thai Ministry of education. Officially recognizing the great effort and pride we put into our school to make it the best learning environment possible.

  • 2008 Best Language School in Surat Thani Province

    In the year 2008 was the first time we were awarded this great honor by the ministry of education, having just been granted our Language and Vocational School License

  • 2013 Best Language School in Surat Thani Province

    Since our first award our school went from strength to strength, becoming ever more popular since our Thai language license was granted. With a new influx in English speaking students we were recognised for this award for a second time.

  • 2014 Best Language School in Surat Thani Province

    This year marked our third time to be awarded the Thai Ministry of Education award for Outstanding School Quality, making us the first Language school in South Thailand to have been awarded this prestigious title three times.

Interested in taking part in one of our English or Thai courses?

  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Saturday 8am to 4pm.

  • Child Classes

    Child group classes run from 4pm to 6pm weekdays. And 1pm to 4pm on Saturdays.

  • Private classes

    Exam preparation for TOEFL TOEIC & IELTS, specific module help and customized courses offered for private study. Available on request.

  • Adult Classes

    From 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm weekdays.

  • Location

    Located on the central north coast of Koh Samui, near Mae Nam.

  • Qualified Staff

    We only employ native English teachers who are native speakers from England, America, Canada and Australia.