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General KSTVS goings on from the teachers and staff themselves


Top Rules for Learning the Thai Language

Learning Thai can be a struggle, the tones alone can give any inexperienced student a headache. Individual study on your own may lead to confusion and miss-learning, a situation where you think you’re correct but end up being wrong, this can…

Thailand 101 – A short guide to Thailand

Most people who visit Thailand do so without being fully aware of the dos & must dos and the don’ts & ‘really don’t even think about it’s.  Not knowing can sometimes act as a guard against your cultural faux pas, feigning ignorance…

TOEFL / IELTS in Thailand

Learning English can be a long and hard process, however, once you've gone through all that hard work surly you want to be able to show to future employers, academics, friends & family, co-workers, and as general addition to the CV what…

‘Do you speak English?’

One of the most common phrases when traveling is ‘do you speak English’. The amount of times I've used this in my own travels is beyond count. It’s a cruel privilege that whichever country you are in, you expect a minimum of 1 in 10 people…

TEFL teaching in Thailand

Being born a native English speaker gives you a head start when it comes to finding teaching work abroad, your trusted to know the language inside and out, be confident in your speaking, and most importantly, be qualified. English teachers in…

Important steps for learning English

Learning English can be a tricky job, and without the correct guidance, you can find yourself struggling to learn, understand, or even use your English. Like with every skill though, if you follow a clearly defined set of steps, you will lead…

Learning English in Thailand

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Learning English in Thailand can be a great experience, from meeting new people of every nationality to interacting with native English speakers from everywhere across the English speaking world. Learning English in Thailand can be an eye opening,…

Weekday Russian Classes

Weekday Russian Classes 1 Month Children’s Russian Classes Our Weekday Children’s Russian Course were designed with children aged from 5-12 in mind. The idea of this class is to educate a Russian child in their own language. Keep…
Rachel English teacher principal

Rachel Ross – A Principled Principal 

‘Most people would say old age brings wisdom, not when you observe every life lesson you’re given’ – SP Being a teacher of English you meet a lot of people from all over the world, from different countries, nationalities, backgrounds,…
Georgina English Teacher

Georgina Walls – English Teacher of Samui Way

Georgina Walls, a wizard of an English teacher with such a cool, calm head decides that she has no ‘teaching style’, the boxes are far to ‘mainstream’, when she enters a class her student’s determine what’s going to happen today…

Day in the life – Dave Belcher, English Teacher

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Advanced and upper intermediate classes can, as their names suggest, prove to be too advanced for certain students, especially when they don’t have the right teacher. Having the right teach can make all the difference for someone learning…