KSTVS Language School Holiday

It is that time of the year, when you start thinking about gifts and one of the most precious gifts is getting to spend time with your loved ones over the new year.

KSTVS school is happy to announce our school holidays for 2017! There will be no group classes from 25th December – 7th January 2018 and back to business on the 8th January 2018. Please note that there will be no group classes on those days but our office still operates for visa extensions, new language students and private classes.

“Be blessed to spend the new year with your loved ones, friends and family. Be delighted and may all the good things come your way in the next year coming! Happy 2018”

From us at Koh Samui Language & Vocational School


Student Feedback December 2017

First, let us thank those of you who have already answered the questionnaire below.  Your opinion is very important to us and helps us make our school better.

If you haven’t completed the survey yet, this is just the right moment to do it. It will not take you more than 5 minutes and will make a great difference to us.

School Social

Why siesta when you can FIESTA!

Our next social event is coming soon.

This is not only a chance for us to get together, but we will also be saying farewell to our Principal, Sarah, who is returning to England.

Join us for some great food, music, drinks, and to say goodbye!


Friday 1st September at 7pm.


Tasty Bar and Café is the ultimate Spanish restaurant in Koh Samui! Not only is the food exceptional, but staff are fantastic too.

Tasty Bar and Cafe, 147/1, Moo 2, Chaweng, Bohput, Ko Samui 84320


Friends and family welcome. The more the merrier!

What’s on the menu?

Delicious Paella, homemade bread with oils, olives, and Spanish tortilla, washed down with a glass of Sangria.

How much?


Only 350B each!


What do I need to do?


You MUST confirm your attendance for this dinner:


  • Email: principal@kstvs.com
  • or tell us at school
  • or send a message on the school whatsapp group


Let’s agree!


Student and School Agreement


Please take time to read our Student and School Agreement so that we are all ‘on the same page’.

It’s important for us to ensure we are working together, allowing both students and the school to realise their full potential.

Our agreement is a binding document which every student is required to sign.



‘on the same page’  is a commonly used idiom in English, but what does it mean?

  • Thinking in a similar way  e.g ‘Sarah called the meeting to make sure everyone was on the same page.’
  • Usage notes: usually said about efforts made together to solve a problem
  • Related vocabulary: on the same wavelength

School Running Club

Jog, run, or sprint your way to success!


Did you know that exercise improves memory and learning? Numerous studies show that a little daily exercise helps keep us alert and think more clearly. We are happy when you come to school and sit in our lovely air conditioned classrooms, but it’s important for us all to get moving and keep active too. What better way to do it than to join our school running club?


We may have just missed the Koh Samui Marathon, but there’s nothing stopping you from training for the next one. Or if the thought of running the length of Samui (twice!) gets you shaking in your trainers, jogging along the coast while you watch the sunset might be the thing for you.

 Whether you are a complete beginner, an occasional jogger, or a running superstar, we want you to join us!

Whatever your goal, this is a great opportunity for you to improve your fitness, socialize, and be part of a supportive network of like-minded people!
We can meet whenever and wherever you like (outside school hours, of course). 

On your marks, get set, GO!

Dress for success

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Dress for Success!

There are many times in life that a person is judged upon how well they are dressed. The way you dress can impact the way teachers and other students perceive you. We want everyone to feel comfortable, but we also want to be seen as a smart and professional establishment.


Dressing for success and following the dress code policy will help you obtain the respect and credibility necessary from everyone here at Koh Samui Language School and those looking at us from outside.


Now that we have to provide daily photographs to immigration, please ensure you come to school in smart-casual attire. Here are a few tips to get you going!


Refer a friend and get rewards!


Referrals and Rewards


Learning is a great way to meet new people, but learning with friends can be a quicker route to success! Here are three reasons why we think you should bring your friends with you to KSTVS.


If you learn alone, it’s easy to take a break and can be tempting to quit. When you learn with a friend, you can motivate each other and keep each other’s energy and enthusiasm high.


Learning as part of a group is fun, especially when your friends are involved! You can share ideas, find new ways of looking at things, and share some jokes at the same time.


Conversation is better with two or more people! Practise makes perfect, so talking with your friends and having fun using all the new things you learn will help you progress quicker.


We would like to thank you for being our students by giving you 10% discount on your next course if you refer a friend! The more friends you refer, the more rewards we will give you.

1 friend = 10%

10 friends = A FREE COURSE!


All you need to do is bring your friend and your ID so we can sign them up and stamp your reward card!

Language Learning Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks



We want you to get the most out of learning a language, so don’t limit yourself to the classroom. Why not try some of these tried-and-tested KSTVS language learning tips?


Talk to yourself

Name things as you pass them in your house or outside. Read things out loud. Practise, practise, practise.


Talk to friends

Ask your friends to practise with you. Have fun, smile, joke, and learn from each other.


Listen to music

You’ll hear the language in a fun and memorable way and be able to pick out rhythm and pronunciation better.


Make mistakes

Don’t be scared to try out your new skills. You will learn from your mistakes as much as you will from your success. The more you speak the better you will get and the sooner you will be comfortable.


Watch movies

Use this as an excuse to watch your favourite movies (or new ones) in the language you’re learning. You’ll pick up new phrases and get used to listening to natural speech.


Teach other people

This is a great way to clarify things in your own head and gain confidence in your ability.


Introduce a friend

Bring a friend to KSTVS and not only do you get 10% off your next course, but you also get to share your learning experience, which can lead to better success rates. Ask us about our refer a friend policy!


We hope you enjoyed reading our favourite tips and tricks. If you have anything you would like to share with us then please let us know!

Dinner time with KSTVS!

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Dinner time!

Calling all students!

It is time again for a FUN and ENJOYABLE evening with great food and great company! We like to invite YOU to join as well on Friday the 31st of this month, so keep your calendar free!

More details about time and place will follow. So keep a close look on our Facebook page and website for updates!


Changes at Immigration

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Over the past couple weeks I’m sure most of our students, in fact most of the students on Koh Samui have noticed a sudden change in the way the Royal Thai Immigration Department works. The management of Koh Samui’s immigration department has been changed, and so rules new to Koh Samui are now being enforced, rules which were recently were put into effect in Bangkok and Phuket.

This change has brought about many things, panic in both the students and the schools, un-certainty with regards to extension of many visas, a large question mark on the future of the Education Visa, and confusion on how the system is now actually working. I write this now to clear up the facts, put down miss-information and hope to reinsure many unsure minds.


Contrary to general opinion, people are still allowed to extend their visa up to a maximum of 1 year. No official rule has changed in this regard. However, a couple changes have been implemented;

Extend in Person: Before, you used to be able to let your school go to immigration for you, now this has changed. You must go to the immigration department in person to extend your visa.

Cost: The cost of extending visas is 2,000 THB. You can no longer pay ‘extra’ to have to done right away, no questions asked. The cost is now transparent so people know exactly what is being paid for.

Interview: When extending your visa most students will be asked to interview. In these interviews the student will be asked a series of questions about the following;

  1.  Their stay in Thailand.
  2.  Their stay on Koh Samui.
  3.  Their reason for studying.
  4.  Their reason for being on an Education Visa.
  5.  About their financial situation.
  6.  And other general questions about their life.


Test: Students are now subject to be tested on their language of studying.

  1. English Students: Students studying English will have to write a short essay, A page of A4 paper at most, to demonstrate their English skills. The topic is your choice, but something about your stay in Thailand is always better to show immigration. Immigration’s ability to check the test is limited due to non-native speakers working at the immigration department.
  2. Thai Students: Students studying Thai will be expected to know some level of spoken Thai and be able to write all 44 consonants and 6 commonly used vowels. Their ability to check this test is far better when compared to the English test. As the staff can actually speak Thai they can assess fairly accurately the level of ones Thai.

Attendance: It is now required by law for students to attend school 4 days per week, 2 hours each day. Immigration will ask to see this when extending your visa, and expect to see your attendance above 75%. This is law and so the school can do nothing regarding changing it. However please ask in school for more details about the change in study hours.

Denial: While many students are worrying about being denied and told to leave the country, this has not happened yet. All students who have been to extend their visas have done so successfully. The few students who have been ‘denied’ at immigration have been so because of other issues, mainly behavior and attitude when at immigration.

How to act

When attending immigration please remember this simple rule.

  • Behave yourself – Do not become aggressive or rude with the staff. You are asking them to extend your visa, key word being ‘ASKING’. They DO NOT have to extend it, so if you are rude to them, they can simply say no. Almost 95% of all students denied by immigration have been so because they have been rude to the wrong person.

Be patient, they have a lot of work.

Be understanding, they are only doing their job.

Be calm, getting angry solves nothing.

Be respectful, they are an official government body.