Choosing to learn a language can be one of the most beneficial and enriching experiences you embark upon in your whole life. It can challenge you in a whole new way, make you question concepts you never considered before and reward you with new knowledge and information. However, which language should you learn? With their being so much choice it can be a daunting question, as choosing the right language can determine whether you succeed at all. If you already have a favorite language then good for you, if not then this article will give you a short and simple shortlist of the top languages to learn.  The first one goes almost without saying, yet to ignore the elephant in the room would be ill-advised, so without further ado, I give you English.



The English language at the moment the largest international language, spoken around the world by an estimated 400,000,000 native speakers, 700,000,000 international speakers, in 67 countries, 27 non-sovereign entities and by countless international organizations & institutes. There is no doubt that learning English will help improve anyone’s ease of traveling, international relations & career prospects. Although as this is written in English, I assume most readers will already be aware.


                Otherwise known as Chinese Mandarin, with an estimated 960,000,000 speakers worldwide, Mandarin is another safe bet when it comes to choosing a language to learn. Respectfully similar to English with its career advancing prospects, Mandarin is always a safe bet to learn. While this language isn’t spoken as a second language by many people, in china itself almost 1 billion people live and speak it, making it ideal for those with traveling or working in China.


                Judging which language to learn is always a complicated task, and while we should take into consideration how much you can use it, you can also let you romanticism guide you, and follow it towards learning a slightly idealistic language, French. While French only boasts an estimated 72,000,000 native speakers, it is considered to be the ‘language of love’, being a delicate lyrical language. And on top of being able to communicate inside arguably one of the must visit countries in the world, France, it is also spoken in a handful of North African and South & North American countries. Why not, ehy 😉 .


                Thai language is a must know if visiting SE Asia, especially Thailand. While it again it isn’t perhaps as widely spoken as its neighbor’s languages to the East and West, a cool 20,000,000 people do speak it, and it is recognized in Burma, Laos & Cambodia. Speaking Thai will challenge you in a totally new way, as the language is very unique in its own right. With its 6 different tone variations and a lack of any type of tense (past, present & future) it can prove tricky even for an accomplished linguist. This language is the language of choice if you want to challenge yourself with a different Eastern language, or if you simply want to visit or live in Thailand. Knowing how to speak Thai when in Thailand will open up so many more possibilities and increase your enjoyment tenfold.


Learning Russian is a handful, this complicated hybrid of Eastern & Western languages takes decades to learn and even longer to master. The beauty of Russian is often lost on un-familiar ears, with their million intricacies they miraculously & elaborately explaining the un-explainable. Their poetry is written in concise volumes and their novels have become legend amongst the scholaring community. Russian language is a counted as a top language to learn for both business and creative means, and with 260,000,000 speakers worldwide, you will most properly find a speaking partner no matter which corner of the world you find yourself in.


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