Learning English can be a long and hard process, however, once you’ve gone through all that hard work surly you want to be able to show to future employers, academics, friends & family, co-workers, and as general addition to the CV what you have learnt. That’s why so many English as second language speakers take a TOEFL or IELTS English exam, to prove their skills the only place where it matters in the public sphere, on paper.


What does IELTS/TOEFL prove?

Well to put it simply, these exams show the difference between ‘I want to speak English’ speakers and ‘I wanting speak English’ speakers. Simple grammar mistakes can mean the world when speaking English, and as a result annoy businesses and Universities & colleges who care about the smaller things, in the same way institutions care about appearance, they care about language. These exams are aimed at the student wishing to speak English to a communicate business or academic environment level.


Why take the exam in Thailand?

To prepare for your English exam you need to follow a few simple rules. Study, focus, rid yourself of distractions, and be in a nice environment. By taking your English exam in Thailand you effectively create the ideal conditions for you to study and pass an exam. Thailand’s ideal climate, especially when considering island life, is perfect for keeping calm and relaxed in the face of studying. Also, by taking a prolonged study period in this new, wonderful environment, you leave behind all the stress of your home town. The work, the people, the day to day life, you are able to put that to one side to only focus on studying in a productive, and productive environment.


When should I take the exam?

One main mistake which English students make is that people sign up to take the exam, leaving themselves a very small window to actually study, forcing them to cram a lot of information into a short period of time. The best way to go about taking the exam is to sign up on a preparation course, training you to understand and speak international English up to your required level or on a ‘the higher the better’ basis. Once you have prepared enough, then look into booking your actual test, this way will make sure you go into the exam calm and confident.



Koh Samui Tutor & Vocational School – KSTVS. Interested in preparing for a TOEFL or IELTS exam? Then please contact us at http://kstvs.com/contact-us/. Or if you’re on Koh Samui, drop in, we can be found at 11/8 Moo 1, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84330, Thaiand. Want to speak to someone on the phone, no problem, call us on 077248228

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