New Timetable


New Timetable


Don’t miss the start of our new semester next week! If you have any questions about times, dates, levels, or anything else you can think of, please contact us via email, phone, or in person at our office.



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New courses


New courses, new books, new knowledge!


Don’t miss out on your chance to improve your language skills and open a world of opportunities.

Koh Samui Language School


Koh Samui Tutor and Vocational School is Samui’s oldest licensed Thai and English Language School. With Thai and English owners, we take the finest aspects from both cultures and combine them to provide an unforgettable educational experience.


Our ability to provide education visas has helped us to create a stable learning environment for our students. Stable and secure working and learning environments are almost just as important as the teacher you have.


Our triple award winning educational institute is the most accredited, long running, successful language and vocational school in Samui. With almost 10,000 satisfied students to date, affordable courses, no hassle education visa service, and highly trained professional staff, we really are the first choice language school on Koh Samui.

Our Courses


Our brand new courses start in July.  Whether you’re looking to improve your conversation skills, study for IELTS, or start leaning Thai, we cater for all your educational needs.

Please browse our courses on our website for more information. You can then click the “Register” button to sign up for the class. Or, feel free to call in to our Maenam office to discuss your options in more detail and meet the teachers.

Cutting Edge Third Edition


We use the brand new Cutting Edge Third Edition for our English courses. Engaging texts, new video content, and a comprehensive digital package are just some of the new features that make the new courses even more effective. New features of the course include ‘Language Live’ and World Culture lessons that actively encourage students to expand their knowledge of global issues and participate in classroom discussions.


Keep motivated with a striking design and fresh new content


  • New ‘World Culture’ DVD lessons encourage the discussion of global issues and provide greater international perspective.
  • New writing lessons help with emails, letters, reports, etc.
  • The ActiveTeach with interactive whiteboard tools, DVD, audio, transcripts, dictionary and additional resources aid learning.


Improve quicker with more practise and better reference tools


  • The new ‘Study, Practise, Remember’ section at the back of the book provides integrated language summaries and practise exercises.
  • The ‘Student DVD’ with audio and video plus transcripts allows you to review the lessons and catch up if you miss a class.
  • The new feedback functionality and exercises in ‘MyEnglishLab’ give you greater control of your learning.




MyEnglishLab is an online tool, provided for free with our new course books. You complete your face-to-face instruction at school to introduce new topics and ideas then complete extra learning outside class using the online tools.


You practise the content you have learned at school in an interactive environment, with instant feedback and tips to scaffold your learning.


Each activity is built into a lesson plan and helps you practise speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


MyEnglishLab builds assessment into each activity, so you don’t need to take sit-down tests every week in order to monitor your progress and performance.


You can use the MyEnglishLab gradebook to see where you need improvement and it helps us as teachers personalise your learning journey. With a quick look at the gradebook or common error report, teachers can ensure that we target your weak areas. MyEnglishLab will show us how you are performing, so we don’t need to guess what you’re finding difficult.


Don’t hesitate. Contact us today!

Good news

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Good news! 

Apply THIS MONTH for your ED visa or your extension! The new visa rule, to have a National Police Certificate will apply from MAY 2017. Take and advantage of this and get your ED visa NOW! 
Feel at home in the land of smiles, study Thai with a native Thai speaker.


Brush up your English skills and study English with us!


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For more information about the new visa rule click here.

Thai lessons – An outsiders point of view

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Beginner Thai whiteboard

While I don’t currently speak Thai, I’ve been intrigued by the Thai lessons we run at the school, so much so that I, myself, have signed up for ‘Beginners Thai’. While taking this course will be genuinely informative and interesting, that is not why I signed up, no. I signed up to learn Thai, to learn the language of the island on which I currently live, and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. This by no means in a representation of the class or the general reasons people take this course, as curiosity, interest, ease of travel and just general education factors all come into play in the minds of those signing up.

As I’ve only been in Thailand for the past 4 months, my ear has grown a custom to the sounds, to the tonal differences between my native English language, and their Thai speech. The difference at times can be astounding, yet frustrating. To get across to you the importance of learning Thai, at least to a beginner’s level, I’ll explain to you a situation I found myself in back in July 2014, in Bangkok.

Me and my partner has just got off the BTS at the Memorial Stadium, from there we planned to visit Khaosan Road, and we knew that you can get there from Memorial Stadium, however we were not sure how. So as you do when you’re traveling about, you stop and ask for directions, and so we did.

We approached this lovely Thai woman just outside the station to ask for directions, luckily for us her English was fantastic. We explained ourselves and mentioned we were trying to find ‘Khaosan Road’, however, whenever we said ‘Khaosan Road’, she didn’t quite understand.

And so we went back and forth, trying to describe to her what ‘Khaosan Road’ is, mentioned its fame, a place for travelers, hostels, etc. and so after we almost were blue in the face explaining this place, she pauses, looks at us and says,

‘Ah, Khao Saan Road’…

From there she pointed us which way to go and number bus to get and so we went on our merry way and found Khaosan Road not long after.

Afterwards, thinking back, it really was the first time the tonal differences between our languages became so apparent to me. A name of a famous place I believed I was pronouncing correctly, or at least near enough she would understand. But as it took so long, and then how she changed the tonal frequency of the ‘aa’ sound, so subtlety, but clear enough to make a different sound.

And so, this is why at least attempting to understand Thai language, or any language for that matter of a country in which their native tongue is unfamiliar to you yet you find yourself staying for a prolonged period, is so important. Remember guys, its never impossible or too late to learn, everyone has the ability.


Thai Class Schedule

Beginner Monday & Wednesday 10:00 ~ 12:00
Intermediate Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 ~ 12:00
Elementary Monday & Wednesday 13:00 ~ 15:00
Advanced Tuesday & Thursday 13:00 ~ 15:00
Pre-beginner Tuesday & Thursday 16:00 ~ 17:00

English Class Schedule

Children's Classes

The current English course timetable


New Thai starter course

New Starter Thai course on 28th October.

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