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Pre-intermediate class working hard and having fun


Our great pre-intermediate English class this Monday morning! They were working hard and having fun learning English. Most of our students in this class do have an ED visa which allows them to study English and enjoy the island life at the same time! For more information contact us on!

Our pre-intermediate classes take place on Monday and Wednesdays from 10h00-12h00.




Pancake Day at KSTVS 
pancake day
Last Tuesday it was Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday which we celebrated at our school. This traditional feast day is before the start of Lent,  a time of abstinence that lasts 40 days and ends at Easter.

Our great students in the pre-intermediate English class brought some delicious pancakes to class, which made studying ever better! Doesn’t it look delicious?!

Teacher Mike and his pre-intermediate class.




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Georgina English Teacher

Georgina Walls, a wizard of an English teacher with such a cool, calm head decides that she has no ‘teaching style’, the boxes are far to ‘mainstream’, when she enters a class her student’s determine what’s going to happen today (to an extent of course). ‘Are we going to learn something?’, ‘Is she going to learn something?’, ‘What is she even saying?’ All questions that run around a student’s mind when Georgina strolls into the classroom, head up, shoulders back, confident in her teaching and English proficiency and skill.

Using her trusty magic textbooks, Oxford published ‘Headway’ & ‘Get Set Go’, this woman of English speech instructs her class in the wonders of the English language, teaching staff at many of a hotel chain (some of which are rather impressive indeed) how to correctly speak to & with native English speakers and international English.

 Georgina’s positive, get up and go attitude is felt in and out the classroom, making working with her and being one of her students a breeze. Lifting the atmosphere in a room full of students isn’t exactly an easy task, but it’s not an impossible one, as Georgina demonstrates each time she helps her students master the English tongue, and all done with a smile and a spring in her step.


Advanced and upper intermediate classes can, as their names suggest, prove to be too advanced for certain students, especially when they don’t have the right teacher. Having the right teach can make all the difference for someone learning a language, a teacher who can explain something in perhaps a simpler way, a teacher who doesn’t need to rely on slideshows and board work to teach their class. To put it bluntly, to teach advanced English you need an advanced English teacher, and in this case, Dave Belcher is your man.

Being one of the owners, operators, founders and English teachers at the school can put a lot of extra work on his plate, but he still finds the time to put all the bureaucracy to one side and turn his attention to his students. Dave teaches 2 classes, advanced English and upper intermediate English, using in both the ‘Cutting Edge’ textbook series for the more theoretical side of his classes. But Dave is what you could call a bit of a maverick when it comes to teaching, and tries to keep away from the more ‘traditional’ side of the classroom. Instead, Dave likes to make his classes interactive, and when he’s not using CDs for the listening side of the classes, Dave likes to stuck into his classes, and engages everyone in a group discussion, working on their English in a slightly more radical way.

In Dave’s on words, when in class he likes to ‘use humour to break down the cultural barriers’, as he aims to create a relaxed class atmosphere, get to know his students on a personal level and help his students to learn in a more natural way. Dave believes, strongly, that learning a language isn’t just about speaking to someone, it’s about communicating, and you need to be confident enough to remove the pre-existing cultural stereotypes in your head, and learn, through language, that people are people no matter where they were born.

As his students are already proficient when speaking English, he tends to leave the board out until it gets complicated (and English most definitely gets complicated), only then resorting to the board to show different grammar rules, in their full, glorious forms.

In short, Dave Belcher is a English teacher not to be reckoned with, holding years of experience under his belt, Dave knows what he’s doing and isn’t afraid to break outside the box to give his students a better understand and grasp of the wonderful language the world (mainly the English speakers) calls English.

KSTVS teachers

– English Language Teacher – 

– Job Description –
As an English Language teacher you will teach various levels of English to international students in a classroom or private setting. Classes are at various times throughout the day and sometimes on weekends. Teachers are expected to teacher to a high standard and prepare their lessons ahead of time.

– Qualifications & Experience –
While experience is not always necessary having the right qualifications are. In order to qualify for this potion the successful applicant must have one of the following qualifications;

 Trinity TESOL

– Salary –

Subject to training, experience and position available.

– Full time staff

25,000 – 35,000 TBH

– Hourly staff

300 TBH

We keep this job position open even when we have no position to fill as we find space and classes for new teachers on a regular basis. If you apply and do not get a position straight away, we will always keep you on record for future work when available.

If interested in applying for our English Teacher position please contact with CV attached and a cover letter. Or you can comment below, leaving your name & email address and we will contact you as soon as we can.


Khun Mike 088-011-1204

Office: 077-248-228

The new term of Saturday children’s classes starts on November 2nd.

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