Your Next ED Visa Extension: a Map and House Photos Required

At KSTVS, we always ensure every process of your ED Visa runs smoothly, whether it is your first time of applying or extending it,  it is our priority to keep it convenient for you but there’s a quick little update and we would like to ask for your kind cooperation. There are 2 more requirements needed for your next extension.

1. Two house photos with you in it

Take one photo of yourself in the house; it can be in any room of the house and another photo of yourself standing or sitting outside the house. Therefore there will be 2 in total;   1 photo that is inside the house and another 1 photo that is outside the house with you in it.

ED visa photo outside houseOutside

Ed visa photo inside houseInside

2. Latitude and longitude map

A clear map of your house providing latitude and longitude in the map needed. To make this less complicated, you can browse up your house map by searching it in Google Map and screenshot the location of the house, easy!

ED visa mapMap

Two photos and one map need to be in printed version, on A4 paper, all in color. Please bring these two documents printed in color when you come to the school to renew your ED visa next time. If you don’t have a printer, we offer a color printing service for your convenience in our school on your next extension, charging only 100 baht/ page, please email us the documents for us to print for you one week in advance.

Any concern regarding to your ED Visa, please feel free to drop by at our office Mon – Sat 8:30 – 18:00. Or give us a call 077 248 228 and 086-947-2883 Khun Pat


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