It’s Monday morning everybody, rise and shine. Remember everyone about our Conversation class we now…

It's Monday morning everybody, rise and shine. 

Remember everyone about our Conversation class we now have running. 

Lower Conversation Class: Thursdays 10:00-12:00
Intermediate Conversation Class: Tuesdays 13:00-15:00
Upper Conversation Class: Mondays and Thursdays 10:00-12:00

Have conversations, discussions, debates, play games, learn ususual vocabulary and practice your fluency.

These classes are only 100THB per hour, and are a little break away from grammar!

Ask one of us in School, online, in an email or even by phone for more information.

Immigration at Suvarnaphumi refused to give visa on arrival – Thai visas, residency and work permits

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Fresh news regarding a man refused entry at airport. Wasn't given the 30 day visa exempt stamp.

Page 1 of 2 – Immigration at Suvarnaphumi refused to give visa on arrival – posted in Thai visas, residency and work permits: I am a Japanese citizen. Yesterday I arrived from Japan at the Bangkok Airport, but going through immigration, when I asked about when and where to get the visa extension, the officer called his superior who questioned the fact that I had many visa on arrival stamps but on 4 visas. He called me aside and conned me out of $…


Would be good if people could follow our new business page 😉 
I know all you wonderful people would love to help a man in need.

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Out with the old, in with the new. #freshideas  

Out with the old, in with the new. #freshideas  

Just our logo guys…

Just our logo guys…

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Great 10 minute thunder storm to get the days lessons kicked off. Loving life on Samui. Join us some…

Great 10 minute thunder storm to get the days lessons kicked off. Loving life on Samui. Join us some time. #KSTVS

Almost the beginning of a new month, that time again to think about visas. Yours expiring soon? Why …

Almost the beginning of a new month, that time again to think about visas. Yours expiring soon? Why not consider an  Education visa this time.

12-04-2017 English Language Teacher

KSTVS teachers

– English Language Teacher – 

– Job Description –
As an English Language teacher you will teach various levels of English to international students in a classroom or private setting. Classes are at various times throughout the day and sometimes on weekends. Teachers are expected to teacher to a high standard and prepare their lessons ahead of time.

– Qualifications & Experience –
While experience is not always necessary having the right qualifications are. In order to qualify for this potion the successful applicant must have one of the following qualifications;

 Trinity TESOL

– Salary –

Subject to training, experience and position available.

– Full time staff

25,000 – 35,000 TBH

– Hourly staff

300 TBH

We keep this job position open even when we have no position to fill as we find space and classes for new teachers on a regular basis. If you apply and do not get a position straight away, we will always keep you on record for future work when available.

If interested in applying for our English Teacher position please contact with CV attached and a cover letter. Or you can comment below, leaving your name & email address and we will contact you as soon as we can.


Khun Mike 088-011-1204

Office: 077-248-228

English Language Course for Children


Our child orientated English courses are separated into 4 different skills levels which are gauged by looking at the age and skill of the child. Our classes are generally broken down into the following age categories.

  • 4 – 6
  • 6 – 9
  • 9 – 11
  • 11 – 15

But do keep in mind these are only guidelines and the child’s language ability will be tested before a class is chosen.

We use an Oxford university Press published ‘Get Set Go’ textbook series which compiles an in depth syllabus for teaching children English. The classes work similarly to our adults classes but focus more on widening their vocabulary, speaking and listening as well as Phonics based reading and writing lessons.

Our school doesn’t just focus on pure language lessons. We understand that children can find it hard to focus on textbooks and whiteboards too long, so we also plan our classes with English orientated social integration activities, games and art and crafts lessons which all give your child a fresh way to experience English.

Our school runs its child courses 3 terms per year which follow the Thailand official term dates.

  • May to August
  • August to November
  • December to March

Class times:

Monday to Friday: 4pm to 6pm

Saturday: 9 am to 12pm OR 1pm to 4pm


Monthly (4 weeks): 3,000 TBH

Per Term (12 weeks): 7,200 TBH

Russian/English classes

We will hopefully soon be introducing a new Russian/English class aimed at Russian speaking children. This class will entail 2 hours being spent of language study, 1 hour Russian, 1 hour English.

The idea of the course is for Russian children to benefit from a Russian teacher teaching the reading, writing and speaking intricacies of the Russian language, something which they will not receive unless they attend a Russian school.

The second hour in the lesson will be spent of teaching your children English. Including speaking, listening and writing practice.

Class times:

Monday to Friday: 4pm TBC

Course price:


Summer and Autumn Schools for Kids

Overview- Summer School and Autumn School

Our popular, long running summer and autumn school classes are back this year and just as great as ever. We offer an all-inclusive ‘English Camp’ style lasting the SongKran summer school break. This 2 month course uses Cambridge YLE (Young learners for English) published ‘Kids Box’ textbook which fully covers 3 child bases English levels. We also use ‘Movers and flyers’ also published by Cambridge YLE. Our autumn school works on the same basis as the Summer school but takes place during the 1 month autumn school holiday.

Our summer and autumn schools success is not only due to our ability to teach your child English, we also make our English camps fun and enjoyable for your kids, incorporating arts and crafts, a SongKran day in the summer school and once a week we go on a class trip to one of the local attractions, past trips have been to Zoos, swimming pools, the beach, temples etc.

Class Dates:

March to May –

October 1st to November –

Class times:

Monday to Friday – 10am to 3pm