New Class timetable:


Its a new year and we have new and exciting changes to our class schedule!

We are will be adding a new class- Upper Intermediate- to the weekly class timetable. Upper intermediate classes will focus on practical everyday use of English language in a more advanced situation. It is at the level where vocabulary and grammar from the beginning stages of learning hasn’t yet become automatic for students, however they can talk about a variety of everyday topics relatively easy enough.

Classes will take place on Tuesdays from 12h30-14h30 and Thursdays from 12h30-14h30.


We has also been some changes to the following classes, please take note:

Conversation class:

Wednesday 13h00-15h00  has changed to Tuesday, 10h00-12h00

Intermediate class:

Tuesday 10h00-12h00 has changed to Monday 10h00-12h00

Thai Advanced class: 

Friday 13h00-15h00 changed to Monday 13h00-15h00

Elementary Class:

Tuesday 12h30-14h30 has changed to Monday 12h30-14h30

Thursday 12h30-14h30 has changed to Wednesday 12h30-14h30



New timetable 2017


If you have any queries or questions please email for more information.


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