Learning Thai can be a struggle, the tones alone can give any inexperienced student a headache. Individual study on your own may lead to confusion and miss-learning, a situation where you think you’re correct but end up being wrong, this can all be avoided if you study Thai in the right way. If you do your own research into the Thai language, language schools, or private Thai language teachers you will be able to find a method of learning perfectly suited to your needs. But in the meantime, here’s a few rules for the Thai beginner to remember.

Rule 1 – Take your time:

One of the most obvious yet most commonly forgotten mistakes for learning any language, take your time. To study the Thai language means commitment, ergo patience. There is no shortcut to languages, no easy way through or time saving mechanic; learning a language is no small task and one must understand this. Take your time with it, concentrate on the minute intricacies & understand the details, by doing so you will learn the language fully and go on to become a confident speaker.

Rule 2 – Don’t be afraid to practice:

Living in Thailand can be intimidating sometimes, especially if on one of the nicer islands in the South east, like Koh Samui. The local people can get passive to another farang making a vain attempt to speak Thai, after all, they got thousands of tourists through each year. Even having said this you must try to practice your Thai in real environments with real people. You may find yourself ignored because the Thai person had no clue what you were trying to say and shied away from a conversation, you may get it wrong but provoke a friendly response, or you may even be surprised to find you said it perfectly and even understood the reply. You will never know until you try.

Rule 3 – Don’t panic!

Sometimes you may find yourself confused, not sure how to say something, or totally lost after someone has just blurted some random Thai at you, the main thing to remember is not to panic. You’re a learner not a native speaker, be easy on yourself and if you don’t understand just say, people will be more than impressed if you can manage even the smallest bit of Thai, and most definitely not be offended if you can’t recite a Thai translation of some obscure Shakespearian verse.


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