Learning English in Thailand can be a great experience, from meeting new people of every nationality to interacting with native English speakers from everywhere across the English speaking world. Learning English in Thailand can be an eye opening, amazing experience, but why learn English in the first place? And why choose Thailand out of all places in the world? Well, in this short piece you’ll quickly understand why attending a Language School in Thailand could possibly be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


Why learn English?

Many people across the world wonder why English is so popular. They question the point of learning English and assume that they can get by with body language or gestures, as if life can be one big game of charades. However most of the time gestures lead to misunderstanding and confusion, taking 10 minutes to explain all you want is ‘a bottle of water’.

Why you should sign up for an English course and learn English is simple, it’s arguably the worlds international language. English speakers can travel almost anywhere on the planet and hope to find at least 1 person who can speak some form of English. English is spoken in every continent, and every country, from Kenya to India, speaking English can prove helpful no matter where you are. Even after your first set of English classes you will know enough English for the most simple, but real situations.

Why Learn English in Thailand

English classes in Thailand are dime-a-dozen, if you forgive the idiom, but, as with everything, there is a reason. Thailand, as well as being dubbed the ‘land of smiles’, has become synonymous with English classes & schools, causing a mass increase of competition. This increase in competition has resulted in the typical ‘supply & demand’ syndrome, decreasing the price and increasing in quality. From Language School’s in Koh Samui and Phuket to Language schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, top quality, professional, and not forgetting affordable, English Language schools in Thailand are the place to learn.

While the high standards of Thailand’s language schools are one of the main reasons people choose to study there, you must not forget that Thailand is also an amazingly beautiful country, with a massively varying landscape. In the north you have your higher, mountainous regions, which attract the calmer traveler, while the south boasts white beaches and blue seas. Tropical islands surround the southern stretching peninsula on both the east and west sides, presenting a wonderful choice of study locations 5 minutes from a tropical beach.


English Classes in Thailand have proven to be one of the most popular choices for non-native English speakers to sign up to. With the deadly combination of professional schools & teachers, cheap prices, and scenery that would take even the most traveled person’s breath away, it is no surprise that more and more students each year are choosing Thailand as their study destination.



Koh Samui Tutor & Vocational School – KSTVS. Interested in Learning English in Thailand? Then please contact us at http://kstvs.com/contact-us/. Or if you’re on Koh Samui, drop in, we can be found at 11/8 Moo 1, Maenam, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84330, Thaiand. Want to speak to someone on the phone, no problem, call us on 077248228

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