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General stories and accounts of happenings else where in Thailand

Koh Samui Language School closed on Songkran

No Classes on 13th April We would like to inform you that on 13th April 2018 Koh Samui Language School is closed for Songkran, the Thai New Year's festival. Classes will resume on Monday, 16th April. Enjoy your holiday and remember…

Education Visa Information

  Visa Information Everything you need to know about Education Visas We have put together some handy notes so you know exactly what you need for your education visa, how much it will cost, and how to get it. If you would…

Interview with the school director

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An interview with Koh Samui Language School Founder and Director, Dave Belcher, talks about Koh Samui, schools, and ED visas   "When did you first open the school?"   We opened the school in 2003 in Chaweng, Koh Samui. We were…

Changes at Immigration

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Over the past couple weeks I’m sure most of our students, in fact most of the students on Koh Samui have noticed a sudden change in the way the Royal Thai Immigration Department works. The management of Koh Samui's immigration department has…

Top languages to learn - From Russian to Thai

Choosing to learn a language can be one of the most beneficial and enriching experiences you embark upon in your whole life. It can challenge you in a whole new way, make you question concepts you never considered before and reward you with…

How to find a quality Thai course

Finding a Thai course that’s right for you is a process which should not be taken upon lightly. To get the most out of your Thai course, you must beforehand check the most important aspects which together create a successful education, the…

Top Rules for Learning the Thai Language

Learning Thai can be a struggle, the tones alone can give any inexperienced student a headache. Individual study on your own may lead to confusion and miss-learning, a situation where you think you’re correct but end up being wrong, this can…

Thailand 101 – A short guide to Thailand

Most people who visit Thailand do so without being fully aware of the dos & must dos and the don’ts & ‘really don’t even think about it’s.  Not knowing can sometimes act as a guard against your cultural faux pas, feigning ignorance…

Learning English in Thailand

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Learning English in Thailand can be a great experience, from meeting new people of every nationality to interacting with native English speakers from everywhere across the English speaking world. Learning English in Thailand can be an eye opening,…