From the Teachers

General KSTVS goings on from the teachers and staff themselves

Koh Samui Language SCHOOL SOCIAL: December 21st

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KSTVS Students and Teachers get together It is time for another Koh Samui Language School social, where students and teachers can get together and have a chat in an informal atmosphere. It would be great to see everybody for dinner…

Koh Samui Language School: Christmas and New Year Holidays

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Christmas is coming, it is time to have a break, wind down and forget about work or studies for a couple of weeks. Koh Samui Language School is happy to announce our school holidays for 2018-2019! There will be no group classes from…
Advanced English class

Koh Samui Language School: Tips for Newbies

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Koh Samui Language School policy allows you to enroll in any course at any time. It gives you an opportunity to join a group of the appropriate level without having to wait for the beginning of the next course. Our teachers are real professionals…

Koh Samui Language School: Feedback from Students

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At Koh Samui Language School, we continuously work on maintaining the high level of the services we provide and keeping our students happy. It is important for us to know whether all our students are satisfied with their classes and the…

English Beginner Group at Koh Samui Language School

At KSTVS we make every effort to keep our students satisfied with the quality of our classes and motivated for progress. And there is no better reward for us than our students' feedback and excellent performance. In January…

Chinese language course at Koh Samui Language School • ED Visa

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Learn Chinese and get an ED Visa Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is gaining increasing popularity both in the east and in the west. Koh Samui…

Koh Samui Language School: Your Contact Details

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Stay in Contact with Koh Samui Language School for your classes Dear students, We kindly ask you to provide us with your valid contact details (phone number and email address) so that we can contact you quickly whenever there is any…

Koh Samui Language School • Back to Regular Schedule • August 2018

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Dear students, We are happy to announce that our school is getting back to our usual time table and all classes will be held as originally scheduled. Please, check when your next class is to be there on the right day and time. [pdf-embedder…

Koh Samui Language School • Schedule Change! • August 2018

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Class Schedule Change Attention, everybody! Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have to change our time table starting from  6th August, 2018 until further notice. This is because of the requirements of the Ministry of Education.…

Koh Samui Language School: on Time for Class

Another term at Koh Samui Language School has kicked into gear, and we are happy to congratulate all our students on taking up new courses. We would also like to welcome the students who have just joined the school. Our teachers…

Koh Samui Language School • New Schedule • July 2018

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New Class Schedule We are happy to announce the start of a new term in our school this week. We accept new students all year round, and if you haven't joined any of our courses yet, this is just the perfect moment. Please, check on…

Koh Samui Language School • Learning Tips

Probably the most common question that we get from our students at KSTVS is "Is there a quick and easy way to learn a language?" While the answer is rather "no" than "yes", there are definitely a lot of techniques you can use to facilitate…