Finding a Thai course that’s right for you is a process which should not be taken upon lightly. To get the most out of your Thai course, you must beforehand check the most important aspects which together create a successful education, the school, the course & teacher, and the students. Using this short ‘how-to’ guide you’ll be able to feel more confident when making your choice of Thai language school. And so to the first aspect, you must choose a school.


Aspect 1- School

Do some research, ask your friends & family, and remember to check the internet for online reviews and other relevant information. You want to be sure you’re making the right choice in school, so try to firstly inquire how long the school has been open for. In most cases a longer running school will have more experience and had more opportunities to fail. If they have been open for so long they have to be doing something right, right? Also make sure you visit the school; checking the classrooms, materials and observing a part of a lesson is always a very useful tool in finding a good school. It’s important to check each of these features when picking a school, remember, you must make sure you are comfortable with them in order to benefit from the course, if you don’t like the school, you wont like the course.

Aspect 2- Course

Once sure that you’re happy with  the school’s physical materials, you need to check their Thai Language course is also up to par.  This should be easy, as most of the time the rule is that if the school in question has a native Thai language speaker as their Thai language teacher, then chances are that their course will teach you the most important aspects of Thai. However to go one step further, you should inquire about the teachers qualifications, as in most situations the higher qualified the teacher, the higher quality of the lessons. Try asking to sit in on a class just to get a feel for things, a good school should be confident enough with their classes to let you try it out.

Aspect 3- Students

Another aspect to consider before you enroll on your Thai course and begin your journey through this age old language, is ‘who are the students enrolled on the course’. Getting on with your teachers is important, liking your classroom is also advised, but not liking the other students can prove to be a massive problem for some classes. Try to visit the school just at the end of class time and speak with some of the current students; get their thoughts on the school and find out a bit about them. Remember, it’s not the be all and end all of learning if you don’t like your classmates, but it always helps to know they are nice people.


Above all, keep in mind it’s your choice, as long as you feel comfortable in learning in your Thai language school of choice then really, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.


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