Georgina English Teacher

Georgina Walls, a wizard of an English teacher with such a cool, calm head decides that she has no ‘teaching style’, the boxes are far to ‘mainstream’, when she enters a class her student’s determine what’s going to happen today (to an extent of course). ‘Are we going to learn something?’, ‘Is she going to learn something?’, ‘What is she even saying?’ All questions that run around a student’s mind when Georgina strolls into the classroom, head up, shoulders back, confident in her teaching and English proficiency and skill.

Using her trusty magic textbooks, Oxford published ‘Headway’ & ‘Get Set Go’, this woman of English speech instructs her class in the wonders of the English language, teaching staff at many of a hotel chain (some of which are rather impressive indeed) how to correctly speak to & with native English speakers and international English.

 Georgina’s positive, get up and go attitude is felt in and out the classroom, making working with her and being one of her students a breeze. Lifting the atmosphere in a room full of students isn’t exactly an easy task, but it’s not an impossible one, as Georgina demonstrates each time she helps her students master the English tongue, and all done with a smile and a spring in her step.

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