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Lower Intermediate English Classes

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Up to 5 years

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Upper Beginner's English Classes
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First Thai Classes
Beginner's English

Our language classes

Thai and English for adults and children

These are all our courses. Please browse and choose the one you need. You can then click the “Register” button to sign up for the class.

Language students

Learn German & French

Advanced English - Level C2: Designed for near fluent English speakers.


TOEFL is designed to prepare you and help you pass an English proficiency exam.
KSTVS teachers

Private Language Classes

Private Language Classes: 1 on 1 lessons at your choice of location and time.
Autumn School Children's Classes

Autumn School

Autumn School: A place for children to learn and play in their Autumn holidays.
Summer School Children's Classes

Summer School

SongKran Summer School: Our English camp for Kids is back again next year!
Weekday Children's Classes

Weekday Classes

Weekday Classes: Aimed at children of all ability levels to study English after school.
Beginner's English

Learning English – Beginner English Classes

Beginner English - Level A1:
Designed for the first time English speaker.
Upper Beginner's English Classes

Learning English – Elementary English Classes

Upper Beginner's English - Level A2: Aimed at those familiar with English.
Upper Intimedate English class

Learning English – Upper Intermediate English Classes

Upper Intermediate English - Level C1: For students who understand faster speech.
Advanced English class

Learning English – Advanced English Classes

Advanced English - Level C2: Designed for near fluent English speakers.

Learning English – Pre-Intermediate English Classes

Pre-Intermediate English - Level B1: For those with sufficient survival English.
Upper Intermediate English Classes

Learning English – Intermediate English Classes

Intermediate English Classes - Level B2: For the student who can speak with little stress.

Learning Thai – Thai Conversation Classes

Thai for Everyone: Short Introductory thai language courses for beginners

Learning Thai – Elementary Thai Classes

Upper beginner's Thai - Level 2: For those looking to widen their vocab range.
Upper Intimedate Thai writing

Learning Thai – Intermediate Thai Classes

Intermediate Thai Classes - Level 3: Designed for the confident Thai speaker.
Beginner Thai whiteboard

Learning Thai – Beginner Thai Classes

Beginners Thai - level 1: For first time Thai speakers, essential survival Thai.
Advanced Thai writing

Learning Thai – Advanced Thai Classes

Advanced Thai - Level 5: For near fluent Thai speakers seeking perfection.