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Pre-intermediate class working hard and having fun


Our great pre-intermediate English class this Monday morning! They were working hard and having fun learning English. Most of our students in this class do have an ED visa which allows them to study English and enjoy the island life at the same time! For more information contact us on!

Our pre-intermediate classes take place on Monday and Wednesdays from 10h00-12h00.




Children's Classes


Summer School Koh Samui


Our popular summer school is back and as great as ever! This 2-month all-inclusive ‘English Camp’ course is fun, enjoyable and educational.

Our success is due to our ability to teach children English, we make our camps fun with arts and crafts, games and once a week we go on a class trip. Our past trips have been to zoos, swimming pools, the beach, temples and many other fun places.

We use the Cambridge YLE (Young learners for English) ‘Kids Box’ textbook, which covers 3 levels. The idea is to create an environment for children to relax, have fun and enjoy learning.

For students 3-18 years old.

  • Fun and active learning
  • Easy to understand
  • Native speaking teachers


  • English conversation
  • Arts and crafts
  • Music classes
  • English movies

Weekday Children's Classes

Children's Classes


Monday to Friday

10:00 am to 15:00 pm





New Class timetable:


Its a new year and we have new and exciting changes to our class schedule!

We are will be adding a new class- Upper Intermediate- to the weekly class timetable. Upper intermediate classes will focus on practical everyday use of English language in a more advanced situation. It is at the level where vocabulary and grammar from the beginning stages of learning hasn’t yet become automatic for students, however they can talk about a variety of everyday topics relatively easy enough.

Classes will take place on Tuesdays from 12h30-14h30 and Thursdays from 12h30-14h30.


We has also been some changes to the following classes, please take note:

Conversation class:

Wednesday 13h00-15h00  has changed to Tuesday, 10h00-12h00

Intermediate class:

Tuesday 10h00-12h00 has changed to Monday 10h00-12h00

Thai Advanced class: 

Friday 13h00-15h00 changed to Monday 13h00-15h00

Elementary Class:

Tuesday 12h30-14h30 has changed to Monday 12h30-14h30

Thursday 12h30-14h30 has changed to Wednesday 12h30-14h30



New timetable 2017


If you have any queries or questions please email for more information.


A review by a Russian student after being with Koh Samui Language School for the past 3 months:


Hear what one of our pre-intermediate students from Russia has to say about his English classes and his time at Koh Samui Language school.

The schools pre-intermediate classes are leveled at the Europeans standard of B1, which implements a multi-layered style of learning with situational based learning at its core. It aims to focus on enabling students to speak enough of the language to survive in most situations likely to arise in an English speaking setting. The student will be taught to interact in English conversations regarding familiar matters in work, school and personal life. We strive to bring students speaking level up to a point where they can describe experiences and events, including hopes, dreams and ambitions as well as give reasons and explanations for their conclusions.

B1 level of the ‘Cutting Edge’ series implements reading and writing tasks, helping the student to explain personal opinions rather than simple information.

Our Pre-Intermediate classes take place on Monday’s and Wednesdays , from 10h00-12h00. If you are interested contact for more information on our English lessons offered.

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– Tuesday 17th:   6pm – 8pm
    'Language Game Night'
Hosts: Rachel & Dave 

Come and enjoy a fun night of English games.  
Practice your English in a relaxed & fun atmosphere. 
The first of many of a great social event.
Tonight's event is free.