A review by a Russian student after being with Koh Samui Language School for the past 3 months:


Hear what one of our pre-intermediate students from Russia has to say about his English classes and his time at Koh Samui Language school.

The schools pre-intermediate classes are leveled at the Europeans standard of B1, which implements a multi-layered style of learning with situational based learning at its core. It aims to focus on enabling students to speak enough of the language to survive in most situations likely to arise in an English speaking setting. The student will be taught to interact in English conversations regarding familiar matters in work, school and personal life. We strive to bring students speaking level up to a point where they can describe experiences and events, including hopes, dreams and ambitions as well as give reasons and explanations for their conclusions.

B1 level of the ‘Cutting Edge’ series implements reading and writing tasks, helping the student to explain personal opinions rather than simple information.

Our Pre-Intermediate classes take place on Monday’s and Wednesdays , from 10h00-12h00. If you are interested contact info@kstvs.com for more information on our English lessons offered.

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